paracord water bottle holder

How to make a paracord water bottle holder

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a paracord water bottle holder.

There are many ways you can make water bottle holders out of paracord. This one specifically is made by a simple weave and has many benefits. It stores quite a bit of paracord, it protects the bottle from falls and scratches, improves the grip on the bottle and serves as a decorative piece as well. Because I added a handle (entirely optional) I find the bottle holder to be very handy, easy to carry and if needed you can fit a belt through the handle for easy carry.

I find the bottle wrap makes a great way to store paracord. It is stored in a way that improves your gear and later on can be used, when the need arises.

paracord-water-bottle-wrap paracord-bottle-wrap

What you will need

To make this type of bottle wrap you will need the basic supplies:

How to make a paracord water bottle holder

The process of making a paracord bottle wrap is fairly easy. We wrap the bottle with paracord. If possible, do not wrap too tightly, it will make weaving through the wraps easier.

In the next step we simply weave through the wraps. After the weaves are done I weave in and join the two ends to make the basic grip. I then use cobra knots (which I cover in the cobra paracord bracelet tutorial) to make the grip more sturdy and comfortable.

I finished this bottle wrap by adding the most basic turks head (not even doubling it). I used this technique before, when making the paracord ring and found it to be a nice way to bring some color and variety to the wrap.

I would like to offer up two more images that should make the bottle holder making process a bit more clear.

paracord-bottle-holder paracord-water-bottle





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