how to twist rope by hand

How to make rope by hand- twisting rope

In this article I will show you how to make rope, by hand.

I have long been amazed by the beautiful look of twisted rope as well as with the way is keeps the twisted shape, even when the ends are not finished with a knot or splice. It can be made out of a variety of materials (from plastic bags to grass, bark, animal skins, etc.) and the combined strength of twisted rope is naturally greater than that of a single strand. In the modern days, machines twist our ropes, but knowing how to make your own is something a rope crafter should know in my opinion.

This technique may be helpful in survival situations, but in crafting as well. Twisting rope can provide a great looking rope or a core for many projects. Maybe even a colorful jump rope is in store for me in the future :).

Two examples of twisted rope:



How to know if the rope is twisted correctly?

Twisted rope has an interesting characteristic. The strands that make it work against themselves, which ensures that even if you do not hold the ends of the rope, it will not unravel at all!

Twisted rope stays twisted, even when you are not holding the ends.

Twisted rope stays twisted, even when you are not holding the ends.

How to twist rope?

For this demonstration I will be using four pieces of paracord.

The basic idea for making twisted rope is to take the left cord, twist it counterclockwise, then pass it to the right side, over all the cords (basically going clockwise). This sequence of counterclockwise-clockwise is all you really need in order to twist rope.

A few images of the process:
how to make rope

The video tutorial will be useful here:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. used some nylon ropes to make a big climbing rope for “survive raleigh” a big zombie/human game on my campus, didnt get to use it after tying it all night but its still pretty awesome and i cant wait to do it with paracord! (Though with a jig rather than by hand) It might be of some use if i go camping or something with friends over the summer

  2. thanks, I was missing a step there and this got it!

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