serpents river bar paracord bracelet

Serpent river bar paracord bracelet

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to tie the Serpent river bar paracord bracelet.

This exotic looking bracelet was designed by Gian Oneil and I have been wanting to try it for a while now. It is definitely not a bracelet that gets lost in the many bracelet designs out there. It has a non traditional shape which indeed resembles both a serpent and a river, hence the name.

The bracelet is reversible and I think it is quite had to decide which side looks better:

Front side.

Front side.

Back side.

Back side.

So, let’s tie one!

Supplies needed

I recommend the following items for making the bracelet:

As far as the length of the cords you will need, there are two colors used, the primary and secondary (purple is the primary color in my case). In a 6 inch weave (this does not include the length of the buckle), I used a bit more than 2 feet of purple and under 3 feet of the tan color. You should also take into account the cord used for the core naturally, in my case it was a foot for the core.



The tutorial

The Serpent river bar bracelet is started by joining two colors of paracord. I use the “Manny method” which is in my opinion the most reliable way to join paracord together.

The next step is to setup the bracelet (I used a bracelet jig, but it is not a must at all). I set up the bracelet in much the same way you would setup most two color paracord bracelets.


The bottom is setup using a lark’s head knot.


The top is secured as well. Note I hid the joined end inside the core of the bracelet.

Now let’s weave this bracelet!


Place the secondary color (tan) over the core and the other cord (purple) over it. This creates a loop to the right side.


Go under and through the middle. Tighten.


Place the secondary color over the core again, making a loop to the right side.


Place the other cord over these two cords in the middle, then under and through the loop on the right. Then tighten.


Like in making the first section, the secondary color/cord is now passed over the core.

The other color is then placed over it. Note that the loop faces the left side this time.


We now pass under and through the middle. Tighten.


The secondary cord now forms a loop again, like in step 2, but this time facing the left.


The other cord goes over the middle cords, under and through the loop to the right.


We now start the same sequence we used in step 1, meaning we are forming a section on the left side again.

We place the secondary color over the core, the other cord over it.


And continue the same way you did in the first step.

Try tying the bracelet a few times and you will notice the tying pattern easily.


When you reach the other end, snip off and melt the ends.

Enjoy your bracelet!

The video tutorial is available here:


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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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