double core paracord bracelet

Double core paracord bracelet

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to set up a clean looking double core bracelet.

Using a double core is usually made to make a wider or flatter braid or weave. One problem you may encounter is that the start for a double core bracelet is not usually done in a way that would look all that nice. In this tutorial I will show you how to attach a cord to a buckle in a way that looks good.

The start is made using 4 cow hitches and a little trick to get everything to line up.

With that said, let’s attach our cord in a clean way!

The tutorial

We are going to attach the cord by forming 4 cow hitches.

Begin by opening our buckle (I am going to demonstrate on a jig for easier demonstration).

Fold the cord in half and secure this folded end by sliding it into the top part of the buckle. We are not going to work with it yet.

double core bracelet start


double core bracelet start 2

We then start tying our hitches. I have provided detailed images of tying all the cow hitches below:

Hitch number 1

This is the bottom left hitch.


Hitch number two

This is the bottom right hitch.


Hitch number 3

Top right hitch.


Hitch number 4

Top let and last hitch.


Finishing touches

Once you have tied this setup, you now have to remove the slack from it to get nice, tight cores to work with. Once that is done, you can try a variety of different double core projects. My favorite is the double core fishtail bracelet.

For those that prefer video, I have made one on this technique:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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