key chain versus key fob

Key chain vs key fob

Lately I have had so many encounters with these terms I had to get my terminology brushed up!

When working with paracord on a daily basis and being involved with the community, certain terms often come up. Although you have individuals that are very adept with using terms, most people do not take the time in their busy lives to follow up on every word they use. As such, I would like to offer two definitions of terms widely used.

The key chain


Is it keychain or key chain? Actually, both are acceptable!

The key chain is a bitter rival to the key fob. They often steal each others names.

What is a key chain? A key chain is an item that connects a key ring to another item. We can therefore assume that an item we refer to as a key chain has three components:

  1. a key ring
  2. the link, the key chain
  3. an item that is connected to the key chain

With that being said, I think the definition of a paracord key chain is finally solved. Personally I have yet to make a key chain by that definition! So what have I been making?

The key fob


The humble little brother to the key chain finally gets some much needed attention. A key fob is, unlike a key chain, connected directly to the key ring. That means it is made from:

  1. a key ring
  2. a fob, which can be anything connected directly to a key ring

What about the sinnet?

Sinnet is another expression commonly used when making key chains. It is a tie used to shorten the length of a cord (defined by J.D.Lenzen in Fusion Ties vol.1).

Many definitions of the sinnet stress that a sinnet is made through the process of braiding.

In conclusion

Many items we refer to as key chains are therefore key fobs and sinnets! Are you going to be using different terms from now on?

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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  1. Thank you for this article! Helped solve a dispute with my brother.

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