paracord scraps

What to do with paracord scraps?

There are always small bits of paracord left over from making various items. How to use them?

Wasting paracord is unpleasant. It feels like throwing away money. And that is why I, along with many paracord enthusiasts wanted to know how to use these pieces of various length of paracord. The result was this article, which suggest some neat ways of using left over paracord.

Zipper pulls

paracord-zipper-pull-instructionsZipper pulls are basically miniature versions of keychains. I have made various designs so far, but I covered my favorite design in my article on how to make a cross knot paracord zipper pull. The benefit of using zipper pulls is that they use up little cord, making them perfect for using up leftover bits of paracord. Besides that, I highly recommend learning the technique of making zipper pulls because it will come in handy at some point (at least it did in my case!). A broken zipper can be quite frustrating and knowing how to fix it will make your life a whole lot easier.

 Paracord buddy

The paracord buddy is one of the most common ways of using up pieces of paracord. It can serve as a keychain, a smaller one even as a zipper pull. It is a fun way to use up paracord and gaining a fairly functional item that does impress.

Personally I like using the paracord buddies as keychains. They get the job done plus provide me with a bit of paracord. And that is never a bad thing.


Fishing lures


Image kindly provided by Jeffery Schmidt.

Again, paracord is useful for something survival related. From the smallest bits of paracord you can make fishing lures. This will come in handy when in the wild, though I doubt you worry much about scraps if trying to survive!





Decorating paracord bracelets

This method of using up paracord scraps is really fun. Thinking of way to use up paracord often results in new ways of decorating. I recommend using the inner strands with stitching the bracelets, while the cords themselves can be used in various ways to decorate a bracelet.heart-paracord-bracelet

Dressing up keyrings

I like to gut smaller scraps of paracord (oh the cruelty!) and use the outer sheath to dress up the keyrings. This gives them a nice, unique look.

I have also found the paracord dressed keyrings to actually be comfortable rings! I was glad to make that discovery since I have been looking for a cool paracord ring design for a while.

paracord ring

I hope you found some ideas on how to use up any paracord scraps lying around. If you have any suggestions, do share and I will update the article!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. My cat seems to find the scraps very entertaining.

  2. Tremendous teaching thank you so much.

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