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Paracord bracelets

Paracord knots

  • barber's pole knot
  • headhunters-knot-3-passes
  • headhunters knot
  • toggle knot
  • hansen-knot
  • 2 color conquistador braid gemini pattern
  • 2 color conquistador braid
  • rib cage hitching
  • 11-strand-gaucho-flat-braid


Useful paracord supplies

Paracord projects

paracord handle wrap

Paracord wrap using modified grafting

In this tutorial I demonstrate another paracord handle wrap.

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triaxial weave

Triaxial weave aka. Qbert weave

Let’s see how to weave this beautiful, 3D wrap!

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paracord flogger

Paracord flogger, version 2

In this article I show off my latest flogger.

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grafting a paracord handle wrap

Grafting the easy way

In this tutorial I will show you how you a modified technique of grafting that ...

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