4 pass spanish ring knot

Spanish ring knot- 4 pass

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to tie the 4 pass Spanish ring knot.

I have in the past shown you how to tie a 2 pass Spanish ring knot and a 3 pass version as well. These were done using the interweave method which is excellent and easy to remember.

There is also an older, also very practical way of tying Spanish ring knots which I wanted to show you. It was used by old time braiders and it is very easy to do and remember.

The knot tightened on a leather collar and rolled.

The knot tightened on a leather collar and rolled.

So I made a video tutorial showing you how to tie a 4 pass knot using this technique.

Originally I learned this one from Bruce Grant’s encyclopedia.

So with this said, the tutorial is available below.

After tying the knot I recommend tightening a knot onto a collar and rolling it. Both these processes improve the look of the knot.

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