how to braid a paracord bracelet

Braided paracord bracelet

One of my new favorites is the simple braided paracord bracelet.

I already took a look at how to braid paracord, but I did not showcase a project that used it. So this time I will show you how to make a braided paracord bracelet. I like the design because it is fairly thin comparing to most bracelets. It is also round and very cleanly made.

I used a four strand round braid for this bracelet. This pattern is sometimes also called a diamond braid.

Another good part of this bracelet is that it is made using only paracord 550, a lighter and scissors.

I finished the bracelet using an interesting way. I first made a box knot with the four strands. I then loosened each part of the knot and inserted the same cord that I loosened through it. After I did that four times I simply pulled the cords and the result was a beautiful stopper knot.

Now, let’s take a look at how this bracelet is made:

braided paracord bracelet


If you prefer video, I made a tutorial using a similar technique:


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