single core paracord bracelet setup

Attaching a buckle- single core bracelets

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to attach paracord to a buckle in a clean way.

Specifically, we are going to attach a buckle using 4 cow hitches, but still keep a single core that can be used for making bracelets. I have shown how to make setup for a double core paracord bracelet in the previous tutorial, while this one focuses on making a single core. I have written on this subject before, but I have found this way to work very well, hence the tutorial.

Because this way of attaching a buckle uses four cow hitches, two for one and two for the other side, this way of attaching a buckle is appropriate when you have a large enough buckle. Basically, if your buckle is too large for a lark’s head knot beginning (the most common way), you can use this technique.

The tutorial

In the images below you can find all the steps needed to attack cord to a buckle. I have divided the tutorial into 4 parts, one segment per each cow hitch. If you are familiar with these, this will be a fast tutorial, if not, it is not hard at all. There is also video available for this technique.

I will be using a jig to hold the buckles in place, but this technique works without one just as well.

Cow hitch number one

The first hitch is made to the top part of the buckle, to the left. We start this hitch using one of the ends of a cord. Since this cord end will only be used to make a single cow hitch, the other will be used to make the remaining three. Plan the length accordingly for your actual project.

The first hitch is done to the bottom left, from the middle towards the left side.


Cow hitch number two

The second hitch is done to the bottom left, going from the middle towards the left.


The trick

What makes this setup work is to now slide the working cord under the core strand to the right. We then start another cow hitch on that side.

Cow hitch number three

The third hitch is made to the bottom buckle to the right of the second. It is made from the right side towards the middle.

Cow hitch number four

The last hitch is made on the top part of the buckle, from the middle to the right.

And video:

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