Turk’s head rasta bracelets showcase

In this quick article I wanted to show you a couple of bracelets I made lately.
As you have probably noticed, I have featured a number of turk’s head bracelets.
So I used the same techniques to create a couple of rasta color bracelets that I really enjoy.
Let’s take a quick look at these!

The gaucho fan knot bracelet

4 pass gaucho fan knot bracelet.

4 pass gaucho fan knot bracelet.

This bracelet is a 4 pass gaucho fan knot bracelet in rasta colors.  I have featured the 2 pass version and the 3 pass one as well. This bracelet is made the same way, but adding another pass to the 3 pass one. Done in microcord (about 1.2 mm in diameter).


The pineapple knot bracelet


Type 4 pineapple knot bracelet.

The second bracelet I made is a type 4 pineapple knot bracelet. I have slowly been working on introducing the pineapple knots on ths site, so I am gradually working up to a tutorial on these.

Done in microcord as well.

So, I hope you like these bracelets, expect a few tutorials on these in the near future!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. Are the rasta bracelets made with some 550 as a core?

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