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There are a lot of really cool people making things out of paracord! Always willing to lend a helping hand by offering advice, sharing their work or working on projects together, these people can be found at various social websites.

facebookThe largest group on Facebook is Parachute cord crafters.

Another Facebook group is named Knot just paracord group, led by Rick Paracord, a really kind guy!

The third Facebook group is called World of cordcraft.

I suggest you join all three. With the impressive activity these groups offer, you will never run out of friends, or project ideas!

pinterestOn Pinterest, I recommend you follow the Paracord community board. It is administered by me and has various authors contributing pins of their work. The collection is ever growing! If you would like to join the board as an author, write me an email at [email protected] containing your Pinterest user name and the mail address used to register. I will invite you as soon as possible.
youtubeYoutube features quite a few tutorials. The channels to watch are the Tying it all together, produced by J.D.Lenzen. The other channel I highly recommend is Mr Coop’s place. The channel features some really nice tutorials.


  1. muy buen aporte gracias

  2. Just looooooooove your website !!!

  3. Great Site, just hit on it this morning

  4. Best instructions I’ve found. Thanks

  5. Just getting into this and I hope to learn a lot.

  6. Awesome đŸ™‚

  7. The best I’ve found. Makes paracord fun.

  8. Thinking about trying to get into this craft.

    • Hey Charles!

      It is just what a modern man/woman needs. It is a humbling experience because we are so used to living in a hurry. Braiding slows you down since you need to pay attention to detail and concentrate. Very therapeutic đŸ™‚

  9. The paracordguild is awesome!!!

  10. like your site

  11. I have only just started on my paracord journey and you have the best and easy to follow guilds and videos. I suffer with several mental conditions and this has helps so much with settling me and my mind. I can’t wait to see where it all takes me. Love it. Thank you.

  12. I’d like to join, it’s good hobbie for winter as I can walk very good and stay home a lot when there is snow.

  13. ana elisa hougaard mora

    Excelente sitio. Gracias por compartir conocimientos.

  14. this site is just great !

  15. I hope to learn a lot from your members.

  16. Melissa Larriviere

    I am brand new and don’t have one tool or piece of rope. I came here to find out where I ought to begin.

  17. Me instruyĂ³ maravillosamente gracias

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