flat gaucho knot

Flat gaucho knot- trama pluma, vertical

In this tutorial we are going to tie a flat gaucho knot.

The knot we are covering today is rare and quite exotic. It was covered by Luis Alberto Flores in one of his books (which are really hard to find). It originates from among Argentinian braiders who are world famous for their skill. The knot we will take a look at resembles a gaucho knot, at least in my opinion. It can be used to decorate a variety of projects. Knife lanyards and key fobs are the first that come to mind for me.

purple flat gaucho knot

In the tutorial below I will show you how to tie the knot. There is a photo and a video tutorial available. The knot is not really all that hard to tie.

The tutorial

We will need a single strand of cord to tie the knot.

Start by making a loop. Pass the working end under the standing end.

Pass over the standing end, then under and through the loop (so under-over).

Weave through your initial loop going over-under-over.

Pass alongside the standing end on its left, over-under.

Over the standing end.

Weave over-under two-over.

Then weave over-under-over two.

Finally, weave over-under two-over two. Knot tied!

A video tutorial on the tying process is available below:

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  1. I’ve used 6.28*thickness to do the same thing. The biggest difficulty is measuring the thickness of the bracelet accurately.

    Using 6.28 (2 * Pi) adds to the diameter, not the radius as Pi does. For a slightly looser fit, I use 6.4

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