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Paracord guild is not a website run by one man. It has many contributors throughout the paracord community. Many like to share their work, some like to make tutorials, some like to sell their stuff. All are welcome here. Feel free to submit your work in the following ways:

A showcase

Have you made something that you are really proud off? Well, if you are not feeling up to making a tutorial, then you can submit a showcase. The showcase should include:

  • images of your project (the only mandatory part)
  • some backstory
  • knots used
  • materials used
  • some information about you, contact information if you feel social
  • anything else the reader might be interested in!

Send your showcase at [email protected].

A tutorial

The tutorial can be made in any creative way you like, but should include everything a showcase does, but with an image step by step guide added.


I, along with many other readers would love to see you share your work, your ideas and anything you can teach us! Do not be shy, be proud of your work and show it off!



  1. Love this so much

  2. I use Sharps permanent markers to cover the white spot left when melting and mashing
    paracord ends. The markers are available in colors to nearly match every cord color. The markers will sometimes cover scorch marks from over-enthusiastic burning. I have been knotting paracord for almost a month now so this information may be of no value to persons with experience.

  3. i love that work,and i do some Bracelet and I hope my knowledge of what is new

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