paracord christmas tree

How to make a paracord Christmas tree

The winter season has begun and Christmas is approaching! So why not make a paracord Christmas tree?

There are quite a few people searching for a tutorial on a Christmas tree, so I decided to make one. The paracord tree is designed on the concept that was used when making a paracord dragonfly, so if you made one you will know how to make the tree from that. For those trying it for the first time, this is a simple project.

Items needed

  • paracord in green and brown colors
  • beads. I picked up a few cheapie beads at an art store. I recommend getting them in various colors.
  • scissors
  • lighter

With these supplies ready, let’s move on to the tutorial.

The paracord Christmas tree sprouted up at Paracord Guild.

The paracord Christmas tree sprouted up at Paracord Guild.


Paracord Christmas tree tutorial

The tree trunk (bottom part) is made by lining up cobra knots until you have a trunk the size you want it to be. The branches are then made using the same technique, but every other knot is tightened. Because knots on one side will not be tightened, it is possible to pull out the branches. Between making each pair of branches we insert a pair of beads to decorate the tree. When you reach the top you snip the excess cord ends, melt them and the tree is ready to be hung on a door, the car or any other location that needs more Christmas trees.

Firstly, let’s see how the bottom part is made:


With the bottom part complete, let’s do the top!


See the video on this project:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. How much cord do you need for this project?

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