6 strand round braid

6 strand round braid tutorial

In this tutorial I show you how to braid a 6 strand round braid.


I wanted to do a separate tutorial on the 6 stranded braid. I think it, as well as the upcoming 8 strand braid tutorial will be just what you need to understand the basic round braid. I find this braid to be a lot more appropriate than the 4 strand braid for leashes, mainly because it is a bit thicker.

six strand round braid

Naturally, the real trick to the braid is combining the proper colors. You should also consider braiding this around a smaller core, which will make the braid a bit thicker and easier to braid.


The 6 strand braid tutorial

Similarly to the 4 strand braid, the top cord passes behind the braid to the other side, where in a over-under-over sequence it returns to the bottom of the side it came from. After that, take the cord on the opposite side and repeat the process, by going behind the braid, then over-under-over and back to the bottom.

The following image tutorial and video should help you with this braid:

6 strand round braid tutorial


And the video:

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  1. thank you for this tutorial.
    I was asked by the daughter of a good friend who had died to make rainbow lowering cords for the coffin.
    I had such help from the cord suppliers and you and the cords look really beautiful for a beautiful lady.
    Thank you. Sallie

  2. I think I might be able 2 do ur 6 strand leads I’m going 2 give it a try one day soon. .Thank you

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