rib cage hitching

Vertical hitching aka rib cage hitching

A quick look at rib cage hitching.

I already used rib cage hitching in a tutorial on the paracord can coozie. Still, I think that also having a video tutorial on the technique would be helpful. I have featured it on the Youtube channel a while back, but have now finally had the time to put it where it belongs, on the site.

In any case, vertical or rib cage hitching is a variation of half hitching that results in quite a nice covering that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios. Personally I see it being most useful for making pouches, bottle wraps and holders.

I make it by first attaching a cord around the neck of an object I am covering (for example a bottle). I will line up a line of half hitches onto this cord, then switch to the rib cage hitching, which is made round the previous hitches (not between hitches like in half hitching). After gaining a length I like, I will pull out the slack, top to bottom.

The video tutorial on the technique:



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