multi strand star knot

Multi strand star knot

In this article I present the multi strand star knot.

I have in the past shown you how to tie a single strand star knot. While the knot has many decorative purposes, the multi strand version is at least as beautiful, as well as practical.

In my opinion the best use for the multi strand star knot is to use it either as a button knot or as a knot that transitions a braid into another knot style.

Indeed, I have so far mostly encountered the knot to be used at the start and end of a braid and to some wonderful effect.

multiple strand star knot

There are more ways of tying this knot, but I really think that the one featured below is one of the easiest to do as well as quite practical.

I learned this technique from the Ultimate book of decorative knots by Lindsey Philpott and have modified it to make it a bit easier to follow.

You can also find about the same tutorial in the ABoK under number 727.

The knot can be tied with different numbers of strands. Since the knot is usually used to finish braids, the 6 and 8 strand versions are the most common.

This time, the tutorial is in video form, since I think this is a more precise way of showing it. Enjoy!




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