paracord key fob tutorial

How to make a paracord key fob

Today I will show you a paracord key fob I made.

The key fob, as you can see on the images, is a bit unusual. It is a decorative fob that can serve as a loop for holding the keys. The bead is adjustable and slides up and down to enable you to create a loop to put your hand through. This is a short tutorial on how to make one.

It is not a standard paracord keychain at all, so if you want a more classical design, try the tutorials on the box knot paracord keychain and the round crown paracord keychain.

Now, let’s get to making one!


For this fob I used:

That is all you really need. I also used a lacing needle to make the process of doubling the bead a bit easier.

Now, on to the tutorial and the techniques used.

paracord key fob

How to make a paracord key fob- the tutorial

Firstly I folded the primary cord in half and made a larks head knot onto the key ring (if you prefer a sturdier knot, try the reinforced version, as shown by David Hopper). This is a standard way of attaching paracord to objects.

I then made two cloverleaf knots, one on each end of the paracord cords. As the final part of the fob, I made a paracord ranger bead over the two main cords. The technique I use for these double beads is simply to make a turks head knot onto my finger, slide it onto the fob and tighten it there.

With that, the project is complete and you have a nice looking decorative piece for your keys.


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