how to make paracord handcuffs

How to make paracord handcuffs

Today we take a look at how to make paracord handcuffs.

Paracord and survival go hand in hand. Another example of using paracord in an emergency are the paracord handcuffs. These can be made under a minute and provide you with the restraint you need, when you need it. This technique was shown by Kevin Cagne.

You do not need to use a lot of paracord to make these, so even a keychain made out of paracord can be used to make an improvised pair of handcuffs.
I can see this being useful in several situations, mostly involving interaction with other humans. Naturally, you can also restrain an animal, although I think there are better ways to do that most of the time.

As said, the only supply you will need for this quick project is a bit of paracord.

Why would you need to improvise a pair of handcuffs?

Interacting with violent or aggressive individuals can sometimes get out of hand. Restraints are made for a reason and that is to pacify and disable a person from doing any more harm.

There are other uses for handcuffs that come to mind:

  • bedroom
  • restraining leprechauns
  • citizen arrests

Please feel free to post any additional uses for handcuffs!

How to make paracord handcuffs

Although the following image tutorial should be more than enough for this simple project, I would like to also describe the process of making the handcuffs.

You start of by simply tying a prusik knot around your finger. You take the ends of the cord and slide them in place of your finger. This will form the loops you need to put the wrists in. After that, just pull the ends until the cuffs are very tight (if you seriously want to restrain someone there is no need to be gentle. Blood flow is overrated). Tie off the ends at least two times (as shown in the image) and you have yourself a nice little restraint.

The prusik knot is chosen for a reason. It resist pulling by itself and tying off the end will make a very effective restraint.

paracord handcuffs

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