macrame leaf

Macrame leaf

This time we are making a macrame leaf!

Some projects just catch your eye. For me, the macrame leaf is one of them. It works well as a key fob or charm. The ladies on Facebook suggested that if you turn it around, you can also make a Christmas three out of it.

The project is in my opinion about medium in difficulty. The knots used are basic ones, repeated a number of times. The challenge I see in making this project is the same as with any macrame project. You need patience and persistence to do it.

green macrame leaf

From the images you can see the reward, a beautiful macrame leaf. But dare you attempt it?

This time the tutorial is in video form, found below. Showing the tying process in image form would probably result in quite a long page.

First, let’s cover what you will need for the project.

Supplies needed

You will need:

  • 13 cords. For my projects I like to use micro cord which has a diameter of 1.2mm. I recommend using lengths of 2 feet (60 cm) per cord. This can be optimized a bit once you make a leaf or two, but I would start with this length.
  • pins or tape to secure your project while you work on it.
  • scissors and a lighter for cutting and melting your ends.


The video tutorial can be found below. Just to start you off, the knots used in this project are the Matthew Walker knot for the initial stopper knot. A clove hitch (with an additional turn with both ends) is used to attach new cords onto the two core strands. A reverse lark’s head knot is used to attach cords at the start. Finally, for most of the tutorial you will be using one of the basic macrame knots, the double half hitch.

With that said, brake out the popcorn and let’s take a look at the video!

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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