Stitched paracord bracelet

A really cool way of decorating the already beautiful paracord bracelets is by stitching them! In this tutorial I will demonstrate the most common of the stitches called the center stitch. The technique will work on a variety of paracord bracelet designs. I used it on the fishtail paracord bracelet, but it can be used in other types such as the trilobite bracelet.

I am not sure who introduced the technique to paracord bracelets (I’d bet on David Hopper if anyone), but I have seen quite a few beautiful examples and I am sure this technique deserves to be covered. I will show additional stitching styles in the future as well!

Back on topic, this way of decorating bracelets is really easy. All you need is a lacing needle and a piece of string, cord and you are good to go! You can also use this technique to stitch some rope to act as tinder into a survival bracelet for emergency use.

stitched-fishtail-paracord-bracelet center-stitched-paracord-bracelet

Supplies used

To make this bracelet you will need the following:

The stitching pattern- the center stitch.

The stitching pattern- the center stitch.

The tutorial

Start off by making a bracelet (in the following tutorial I am using a fishtail paracord bracelet). Attach your stitching cord to the lacing needle.

Start your stitching on the back side of the bracelet. Insert the needle through a few weaves and pull the lacing cord till the end (shown in the images below).

Move the lacing cord to the front side to start lacing. Take two weaves on the left and push the lacing needle under them. Do the same with the weaves on the right, then move to the next two weaves on the left. Simply follow this pattern and reach the end of the bracelet where you pull the lacing cord to the back side of the bracelet where you finish the same way you began.


stitched paracord bracelet tutorial

A video tutorial on this bracelet:

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