8 strand round braid

8 strand round braid

In this continuation of the look into the various paracord braids, we take a look at the 8 strand round braid.

The 8 strand braid is in many aspects very similar to the 6 strand round braid, which we already covered. It does offer you more color combinations though, as well as more cord sequences. The most basic of these sequences is the round braid.

Another look at the braid without a core.

Another look at the braid without a core.

The round braid is also a useful braid for plaiting over smaller objects, such as dowel rods to make smaller handles. I find the plait quite enjoyable. Using this plait or even moving up to the 12 strand version enables you to decorate whip handles for example.

Two images of the 8 stranded round plait over a dowel rod can be found below (click for larger images). The plait was made using two colors, four of the same color to each side, with gutted paracord (inner strands removed).


The tutorial

Obviously, this is a tutorial, so let’s see how to braid this beautiful braid!

First off, separate the cords into two pairs of four. Then pass the top left cord behind the cords, weave it over-under-over-under the four strands on the right, then return to the bottom on the left.

Then take the top right cord, pass it behind the cords, then weave it over-under-over-under the four strands on the left, then return to the bottom on the right.

Once you cycle through the four cords on the left and right, pull on each of the cords to tighten up the weave.

Keep repeating the sequence until you reach a length you want.

8 strand round braid tutorial

A video on the braid is also available:

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