paracord camera neck strap

Paracord camera neck strap

This time I made a paracord camera strap.

While there are a ton of different designs you can make for a camera strap, this one really appeals to me. It can be worn around the neck, shoulder or even around the hand. It includes a flat section around the neck area, designed for comfort and round areas designed for a visual appeal.

Camera strap in use.

Camera strap in use.

This design was inspired by a binocular strap featured in Des Pawson’s knot craft and rope mats. Naturally, several modifications were needed to translate the tying to paracord. All in all, I love how it turned out. It is affordable, decorative and custom made. Naturally you can modify this design further with different knots, techniques and colors, all to make it even more unique to your tying style.

With that said, below you will find a brief summary of the supplies needed, the tying process explained and a video tutorial to demonstrate all the techniques used. Most of the strap is made using classic braids and sinnets such as the square knot sinnet and the 4 strand round braid. The only challenging part of this project should be the transitional and finishing knots (diamond and manrope knot).


The following items are needed for making the camera strap:

  • paracord 550. 2 strands, each 11 feet long (3.3 meters).
  • paracord 550. 2 strands, each 6.5 feet long (2 meters).
  • 2 key rings for attaching your strap to the camera. Naturally, other attachment options are available. Snap hooks, carabiners and many more.
  • scissors and a lighter for cutting and melting your paracord.

So, we are using basic items you should have little issue sourcing. Now, on to the description of the tying process!


Tying the camera neck strap

The camera strap is started by taking our 4 pieces of paracord. We line them up with the two shorter, 6.5 foot long strands in the middle and the two longer, 11 foot strands on the outside, one on each side.

We tie the strands together at the middle point of the four strands. For this task I use a piece of thread and tie a reef knot.

Then, using the longer two strands we start tying square knots (cobra knots) from the middle onto one side. Then, the other side is done exactly the same way. We keep lining up square knots until all strands on each side are of equal length. This produces about half a foot (15 cm) of square knots on each side of the middle point.

Then we tie a diamond knot and double it up- I double it up on the inside.

Now we continue by braiding the 4 stranded round braid on each side. We braid about 10 inches (25 cm) on each side.

With the remaining ends on each side, we tie a manrope knot. During the tying process for the manrope knot, I form a loop with one of the strands, which is going to be used for the key ring. This is best seen in the video below, since it is a bit tricky!

Once both sides are complete, cut and melt the ends as close to the knots as possible. Finally attach the two key rings.

And that’s the paracord neck strap. Useful for cameras, binoculars and other items you would like to carry around the neck or shoulder.

Enjoy your brand new and unique strap!

The video below should prove most informative:

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