pineapple knot paracord lighter

Paracord lighter wrap- pineapple style

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make a lighter wrap using the pineapple knot.
I have in the past covered quite a few paracord lighter wraps such as the one made with the fish-scale braid and the classic, half hitched one.

This lighter wrap is made using an entirely different technique, the type 1 pineapple knot.


It has an unique look to it and it is probably a bit more advanced in terms of tying. It requires mostly patience to do.

For this one I have prepared a video tutorial, found below.

Bottom of the lighter can be closed or left open.

Bottom of the lighter can be closed or left open.

Now let’s take a look at the supplies you will need.

Items needed

You will need the following:

  • a mandrel to tie your knot onto- I use a 1 inch dowel rod/broomstick handle for this purpose
  • 2 pieces of paracord 550. I removed the inner strands out of these cords and flattened them. For this size of a mandrel these cords are about 5 feet each
  • lacing needle
  • lighter
  • scissors.

With these items ready we can begin the process of tying the knot.


Tying the pineapple knot lighter wrap

The wrap is done by first tying a 4 bight long turk’s head, then interweaving it with a pineapple interweave. I usually demonstrate this live in a video:

Enjoy your lighter wrap!

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