cow hitch variant knot

Cow hitch variant- Piwich knot

This tutorial shows you how to tie the Cow hitch variant.
Most of us are very familiar with the regular Cow hitch. It is one of the most common ways of attaching rope onto objects. It is fast, easy and it works.
But the Cow hitch also has the downside of loosening up when not under tension. This results is a less attractive knot that tends to move instead of staying put.
This is where the Cow hitch variant comes in handy. It is a more secure version of the Cow hitch. Like with most knots, the security comes with a bit of extra complexity, but it is still easy to tie.

piwich knotpiwich hitch

The hitch is also known as the Piwich knot and it is featured in The ultimate encyclopedia of knots & ropework, a book by Geoffrey Budworth.

Now, let’s take a look at how to tie it!

Cow hitch variant tutorial

To tie the hitch you will need a strand of rope and an object to attach it to. It can be a ring, a buckle, rail or a bunch of other items.


The two items needed. Cord and an object to attach it to.


Pass the end of your cord through the ring.


With your back end pass over the front one, creating a loop.


With your end, pass through the loop, bottom up.


Pass over the front end for a second time.


Through the ring, bottom up.


Through the two loops (under the two strands).


Tighten up. Pull on both ends, then each end individually. Knot tied!

cow hitch variants

A few hitches tied onto a rail.

For more information on the tying process, take a look at the video tutorial below:

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