laced paracord bracelet

Laced paracord bracelet

In this short article I show you how I laced a trilobite/ladder rack paracord bracelet.

The ladder rack bracelet is one of those designs that is really suitable for experimentation and decorating. I have seen many different tutorials on lacing and finally decided to try it myself. It is always nice to improve a design you already know, since building on something you already know is a great way to reach new levels of skill.

Many techniques, such as lacing make your products stand out in the flood of generic bracelets, so I highly recommend trying such new ways of being different as well as new ways of expressing your creativity.

I laced this bracelet using 550 paracord. I am almost positive that a gutted cord would look even better, but I did it this way and quite like the result. Smaller types of paracord would also work well in my opinion.

I used a lacing needle I made as my primary tool. See my tutorial on how to make a paracord lacing needle if you want to make your own. It has become one of my most essential tools, especially lately, when I have been doing a lot of lacing and hitching.

How to lace a bracelet

There are a lot of ways in which you can lace a bracelet to make it look more unique. This is just one of the examples using a ladder rack bracelet.

There is not much else you need to know to lace a bracelet like this, just watch the tutorial below. I do recommend that you start the way I show, by starting the lace from the bottom, but adding one or two knots on the top when you lace there, so you get a nice diagonal feel. I find that different bracelets are made differently tight, so some trial and error will have to be made.

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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