bao treasure knot

How to tie a Bao treasure knot

In this article I will show you how to make a Bao treasure knot.

Strictly speaking there is no one Bao treasure knot. That is because many variations of the knot exist. The shape in general though makes it easy to recognize this knot since it is on one hand beautiful and quite unique. Due to the way it is tied, you can easily assume it is a Chinese knot, argument being reinforced by the name of the knot itself (Bao is quite a common Chinese surname).

Classifying the Bao knots

In most texts referring to the Bao knot you will find two numbers, for example the 3×3 Bao knot, the 2×3 Bao knot and so on.

In essence, the first number tells us the number of repetitions of the second number. So a 2×3 Bao knot would have two sections of three cords.

bao knots

Two Bao treasure knots. The left one is a 3×3.

 How to tie a Bao treasure knot- the tutorial

Below I demonstrate how to make a 3×3 Bao knot. Once you see how it is made and do a few, you will easily guess how larger ones are made.

how to tie a bao knot

There are three great videos you can use to learn the knot as well:

A 2×3 Bao treasure knot tutorial:

A 3×3 Bao treasure knot video:

And the 4×3:

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