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How to make a paracord cross

One of my all time favorite paracord projects is the paracord cross. In this tutorial I show you how to make one.

The paracord cross is decorative item that can also serve as a religious symbol. I have been always quite fond of crosses, so when I found out how to make one, I made many :). This type of cross stores some paracord and is flatter than most other paracord cross designs. You can flatten it out even further by removing the inner strands and only using the sheath to make it.

I make this design to act as a keychain, they also look especially nice as pendants you can use on your paracord necklaces. The process of making one is very simple and quick, all in all you make a total of six knots!


To make this cross I used the following items:

  • paracord 550, a larger cord for the vertical part, a smaller one for the horizontal one
  • a rope thimble, which is not a must, but I do think they add a really nice way of making loops you can use
  • a hemostat, to pull the cords of the horizontal part (as shown in the images that follow)
  • lighter, scissors

To make the cross, follow the instructions below.

Paracord cross tutorial

To make the cross I used the cross knot. I start by taking a larger piece of cord onto which I line up four cross knots. After I make the first knot I pull out a loop and insert the rope thimble into it. For the horizontal part I make a single knot, then flip the vertical part around and insert the horizontal one in the second cross knot using a hemostat. After that I simply make the last knot, cut off all the extra cord and melt it.

how to make a paracord cross

I also made a video if you prefer to watch those:

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