How to make a cross knot

In this article we will take a look at how to make a cross knot.

The cross knot is a fairly popular knot that is used in different projects, such as bracelets, crosses and zipper pulls (see how to make a cross knot zipper pull).

It got its name because it makes a motive that resembles a cross. It does have a flip side, which is even more popular (shown below).


  • Difficulty: medium
  • Use: bracelets, zipper pulls, crosses, lanyards
  • Other names: Chinese cross knot, friendship knot, #808 in Ashley book of knots


How to make a cross knot

The cross knot is made using in three simple steps. First we make a starting position, then we pull the vertical cord through the upper loop, then down through the bottom one. After that, some adjustment will be needed and you will end up with a beautiful knot. Making several in a row will make you a nice pattern. It becomes a really easy knot to make once you master the starting position.


A video tutorial showing how to tie this knot is also available:

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