fancy paracord key fob

Fancy paracord key fob

This time we are making a fancy paracord key fob.

There are a ton of different ways of making a paracord key fob. I made one using a few fancy knots, so that is how I called it. Not very descriptive I know, but we still end up with a beautiful key fob.


The inspiration for this project was #3750 in The Ashley book of knots. I modified it quite a bit for use with paracord.

I recommend doing this project using type 1 paracordĀ (95 paracord) for a functional, small key fob (seen in the two images above). Larger cords such as paracord 550 result in a bulkier key fob which you may or may not like- it is quite big (seen in the two images below).


So, to the point. Below you will find the supplies needed to make the key fob, a description of the techniques used and a video tutorial to accompany the description. It should be enough for you to make the key fob. As the name implies, it is a bit more of a fancy/advanced one so some patience and persistence will be needed. Once you get the hang of it though, you can crank these out fairly quickly.

The supplies

You will need:

  • type 1 paracord (95 paracord) or 550 paracord. For type 1 paracord, 3 pieces each 3.5 feet long should be enough. For 550 paracord, use 3 strands, each 5 feet long.
  • you will need some sort of a core for the key fob. I am fairly partial to using metal cores such as a thin rod or wire, but a simple stick or even a tooth pick can also do just fine.
  • a lacing needle is handy for finishing up the ends.
  • scissors and a lighter are used to cut and melt the ends of our cords.

So, fairly basic stuff is needed. So, how do we make our key fob?

Making the fancy paracord key fob

We start our project off by lining up the three cords one next to the other. We find the middle point and move up about an inch from the middle. Usually I use a clip to hold the three cords together at that point.

Then we twist the three cords into a single cord using a rope twisting technique. We only need a couple of inches. For paracord 550 I twist 2 cords together and add the third one into the footrope knot later on.

We then fold over the twisted section to create a loop.

We secure the loop by tying a 6 stranded footrope knot.

After that it is time for the 6 stranded crown sinnet. We do this one around a core (wire or stick).

Then we tie a diamond knot using our 6 strands and double it up. I double it up on the inner side.

Finally, we tie a star knot at the bottom. This knot really shines in this project.

We finish up the bottom by again crowning the 6 strands, just like in the 6 stranded crown sinnet. We only do it once, then double the strands in the crown knot. We do this by taking a lacing needle and working our ends to the bottom of the star knot.

Cut and melt the ends and you are done!

Naturally, it is sometimes challenging to try to figure out everything from a description. So here is a full video demonstrating the entire tying technique. Enjoy!

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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