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How to make a paracord watch band

In this tutorial I will show you one of the ways of making a paracord watch band.

In fact, there are quite a few ways of making a paracord watch band. Many use the fishtail weave, the ladder rack and the cobra knot for their watch bands.

I wanted something a bit more creative for this project, so I used the cross knot.

The cheap leather straps this watch came with were quite frustrating to fix, so I decided to make a strap using paracord 550. The idea of making a lighter, more appealing bracelet made for a nice little project.

paracord watch band

To make this project you will need these items:

How to make a paracord watch band

To make this style of watch band I used two pieces of cord. Each has three cross knots on it when finished.

I started out by using a larks head knot to attach the first piece of cord (folded in half, naturally). After that I made a cross knot as close to the larks head knot as possible to make sure that the knot keeps the form it is supposed to have. I used a bit of spacing between the knots, but you could easily make more knots or even have no spaces at all between them. After I made the last knot I cut the ends and melted them. The last knot will be used to go through the loop.paracord-watchband

The other side of the watch band is made a bit differently. I start by leaving a bit of space for a loop, so that the cross knot from the other side can be inserted through and close the watch band. The loop is a bit smaller than usually, since the cross knot is smaller than most stopper knots.

The cross knots are then lined up the same way the first strap was made.

I finish the band by making a cow-hitch knot and melt the ends together (I used the cow-hitch knot in my paracord dice bag tutorial, for those not familiar with it). I then tuck the joined ends under the knot.

Now, on to some images!

paracord watch band instructions


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