Sound wave paracord bracelet

Let’s make a sound wave paracord bracelet!This bracelet is a quite difficult one for many. I have heard many even giving up on it! But my simple tutorial will show you that this amazing bracelet design is not really that hard to do at all.

I learned how to do this bracelet from a tutorial by 303 Paracord, so I would like to give credit to them. I modified the tutorial a bit for my uses and I think you will be able to make some really nice bracelets with it.


  • Difficulty: hard
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: no

Supplies needed

  • paracord 550, two colors, I highly recommend one cord to be multicolored
  • heat source to melt the cord (a lighter works just fine)
  • something to cut the cord with
  • a paracord bracelet jig is recommended

How to make a sound wave paracord bracelet

The bracelet is made in two steps.  You cross the working ends and then make a simple knot. The trick, as you will see in the instructions below is which colors are crossed. Those alternate. The knot technique is the same for each knot.


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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