how to make a wide paracord bracelet

How to make a wide paracord bracelet

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wide paracord bracelet. 

This type of paracord bracelet is quite popular as far as wide bracelets go. If you are interested in other wide bracelet designs, see my tutorials on the king cobra paracord bracelet and the conquistador paracord bracelet. Both of these bracelets provide you with a wide bracelet.

I decided to show this method off because I really like the patterns on it. The bracelet is reversible and I like both sides of it.

The design is not hard to learn at all, but some attention to detail will be required. I made the bracelet using three colors of paracord, you may choose to try fewer or more colors.

The other side of the bracelet is equally appealing:

wide paracord strap


The only out of the ordinary item you will need is a larger/wider buckle. To make this bracelet you will need:

How to make a wide paracord bracelet- the tutorial

Setting up

I attach three pieces of cord to the buckle by folding them in half and using a larks head knot.

set up



After attaching the cords, the process of making the pattern begins. In essence it is a cobra knot made around a single core of cord. That means we will use one middle cord, for example yellow to make the loop, then use the side left cord to pull through the loop and make the knot. We will continue to make another knot using the yellow cord and the middle left cord, then switch to the blue one.

bracelet pattern

This is how the pattern looks like.

The only differences from the classic cobra paracord bracelet are:

  • one cord as the core
  • two rows of cobra knots
  • the middle cords naturally alternate sides after a series of two knots per core (this will be better seen on the images)

Which cord is on top when crossing them is important and will influence your pattern.


I try to have the same cord on to twice in a row before switching.

The tutorial

Now let’s see how this bracelet is done.

wide paracord bracelet instructions

After a series of knots you will need to finish this bracelet up. I had quite a hard time finding a way that would work well. I will feature my way below, but feel free to use your own way, should you consider it better.

I just pull all the cords through the buckle and make the same knot I used to make the bracelet. The only difference is that the cord is now made from two black cords.

After two knots are made I snip the side cords. The main, core cords have to be tucked and then snipped and melted.

finishing the bracelet

I hope this tutorial shed some light onto making these bracelets. It does get a bit complicated, but the reward is well worth it.


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. hi that’s a neat looking design
    Can we copy it
    Thanks for sharing
    Do you carry nylon paracord ??

  2. I just made this pattern and am turning it into a rifle sling for a friend. Very tough and the perfect width for a sling! Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth Barnett

    only thing missing is how to calculate required lengths of paracord! great tut!!

  4. Hi,

    could this become a quick release version as well?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

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