Paracord prayer beads

The prayer beads are a great way to decorate various jewelry.

Commonly used in necklaces and sometimes bracelets (see how to make a prayer bead bracelet), the prayer bead is a useful way to make a round knot. This one can be used for decorative or functional uses. Rosaries and religious items are naturally a great match for a religiously named knot like this one. They can be used in rosaries and for other prayer counting purposes. Personally I think they go really well with a paracord cross.

The prayer beads can be made in various lengths, depending on the number of wraps used (see the tutorial below for further reference).


Difficulty: medium
Use: lanyards, keychains, necklaces, bracelets
Other names: hail Mary knot

How to make a prayer bead

The prayer beads are made by wrapping cord around and then tucking it under the wrap. As such, they are fairly easy to learn. Note that the number of wraps makes a longer bead.



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