attaching a paracord buckle

How to attach a buckle to a paracord bracelet

Attaching a buckle to a bracelet is a common practice. But are you getting the best results?

I consider making paracord items a craft. As such I try to improve my designs regularly. A bit here, a bit there and it adds up. One of the aspects that you can improve with your bracelets is how you attach the cord to the buckle. Let’s see how this is usually done and how we can improve on it.

The “classic” way of attaching buckles to bracelets

The way most of us attach bracelets, especially when starting out is by folding the cord in half and attaching the cord using a larks head knot. We then simply pull the paracord ends through the other part of the buckle and continue straight on with the knots.

attaching a buckle

A better way?

I have recently switched to using cow hitches to attach my buckles with. These are fairly easy to do (really easy once you get the hang of them) and in my opinion provide an improved look of the bracelet. To me it just feels a lot more professional using hitches. Naturally there is  usually no “better way” in the literal sense, but I find this way of doing it produces a result I am proud of. As such, you decide if it is worth it for you.

Naturally the buckle has to be large enough to fit two side-by-side hitches onto it, meaning that smaller buckles, such as the 3/8 inch ones are not appropriate.

how to attach a buckle to a paracord bracelet


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