how to join paracord

How to join paracord – the Manny method

In my opinion the best way of joining paracord.

If you want to learn how to join paracord in the most efficient manner, then you have found your tutorial!

Any dedicated follower of paracord crafts could hardly miss the oomph that Manuel Zambrano brought to the community with his method of joining paracord. Anyone asking for an efficient way to join two pieces of paracord got the same answer: check out the Manny method.

When I first encountered this way of joining paracord I dismissed it as too hard to do. In my daily rush to get things done I was hesitant to change my ways. But I kept reading the recommendations and praises of the Manny method and I took a closer look at what it brings to the table. And I was amazed.

The method itself has two major advantages:

  • it joins two pieces of cord firmly, unlike the bonds made with melting
  • it looks a lot better than melting two cords together

The first part appeals to me especially. Many a time has a melted together bond broke and caused me some concern. The Manny method does not have that problem at all.

Why did Manuel Zambrano introduce this method?

 I wanted to create a strong bond and flexibility on the parachute cord fusion, without having to melt the ends. I hated burning my fingers and having a weak bond on the parachute cord.Avoiding some bulk from the bond was also desired.

-Manuel Zambrano

 How to join paracord- the tutorial

At this point I would like to thank Manuel Zambrano for providing the instructions, the images and everything needed for this tutorial. All credit goes to him.

For joining two pieces of paracord you will need:

It is important not to cut the paracord sheath, but pierce it. You can use scissors, but only to pierce, not cut.

Now let’s see how to join two pieces of paracord together properly:

how to join paracord manny method

The video tutorial of the method is also available, try it out:

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. awesome method

  2. Took while to get how it’s done, but well worth the end result, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great thanks . I’m just retired and new at paracord hobby. My afternoon pass time .

  4. Patrick Forsberg

    Is there a good method other than melting if you need to extend the cord mid project? This method only works with clean unknotted cord.

  5. very nice solution

  6. Instead of lacing needle I used a small pair of curved hemostats…worked wonderfylly.
    Used exact knife to peirce cord and used hemos to stretch open tube end to peirce…work well.

  7. I do not have a lacing needle so I bought some knitting needles and cut the end off and it was hollow and now I have lacing needles

  8. So I didn’t have a threader but I did it with a Bobby pin. I started by cutting the white guts, and then I burned the til of the receiving paracord without squeezing the entrance, thus having the ends of the cord burnt but still allowing the incoming paracord to slide thru. I also took scissors and cut a slanted opening to slide the incoming paracord through. The incoming paracord I cut the tip in a slant, burning the end and squeezing it shut, then I slipped the Bobby pin through the tip then slid it into the slanted cut of the receiving pad a cord and just twisted and pulled til I got it through. It took me a few tries but I did three add one in about 20 minutes…..

  9. THIS IS SIMPLY PUT- AMAZING!! I have been struggling to use the smaller paracord and it is almost impossible to join using the typical method. Thank you so much.

  10. got it down on my first try….totally way better than melting, and i don’t get dizzy from the smell!! lmao

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