How to make rainbow paracord using Kool-aid

This time we take a look at how to make rainbow paracord with the use of Kool-aid. A nice looking piece of rainbow paracord is hard to find. The only way I have so far found, was to make my own. Only that way could I get a nice looking piece of cord that transitions from color to color. In this tutorial you will find out how to make your very own, rainbow paracord.

Samantha Falor from is the author of this tutorial. See her Etsy store for some of here creations. Thank you Samantha for this notable contribution to the community.

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Some of you know Kool-aid and some do not. It is powder you mix with water to produce a colorful drink. After a tragic event, “drinking Kool-aid” became a synonymn for those blindly following the lead of others. So don’t be drinking Kool-aid and voting!

Supplies needed for this project

  • white paracord (50 feet was used here)
  • Powered Kool-Aid packets – I used: Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and Grape
  • Rubber bands
  • Ketchup style bottles or small cups
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Cooling Rack

How to make rainbow paracord

  1. Use plastic sheeting to protect your work surface.
  2. Place a cooling rack onto the sheeting. This will allow you to color the cord without rolling it in any excess run off colors.
  3. Put on a pair of gloves! Even with Kool-Aid this is very important.
  4. Wrap paracord into a 3 foot hank (you can use any length you want to see the pattern to repeat itself).
20 - Paracord 1y 5. Gather your Kool-Aid packets, place them each color packet into a separate bottle or cup and add water. 6. Dampen the cord a bit. The color will not stick well if you do not! koolaid colors 7. Take rubber bands and section off parts of your paracord so that you have 6 sections (we used 7 colors, feel free to use any other number). paracord 8.The color will spread out along the cord and mix near the bands. Take each color and squeeze on to the paracord from above leaving a little room around the bands for the color-bleeding. 9.Roll the bundle over without getting any color on your gloves onto it! 10.Use the tip of a bottle to open the bundle and check that the color has gone through the middle of the bundle. 11.Cover the paracord in plastic. Make certain to wrap the ends so that any Kool-Aid doesn’t come out and bleed on to the other end. Koolaid Colors Wrapped 12. Place it on a microwavable plate. 22 - Koolaid Colors Wrapped 4 cooked 13.If you want more defined colors, place paper towels under the primary colors to prevent too much bleeding into the secondary colors. I wanted them to blend more, so I didn’t put paper towels under my paracord. 14. Put in the microwave for 60 to 90 seconds (depending on your microwave). You don’t want to over-cook this you just want to get the cord hot to set the color. This part of the process will make the cord slightly harder than normal. 15. Take out of the microwave and allow to cool down. Then rinse under cold running water until there is no color coming out. I found that there was hardly any color that came out of mine. Place somewhere for it to dry.KoolaidTHC16. The color of paracord will be lighter once it is completely dry.

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