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How to make an adjustable paracord bracelet

In this article I show you a few tips on how to make an adjustable paracord bracelet.

When you search online for clues on how to make an adjustable paracord bracelet, you will often be provided with a single option. I wanted to create an article that provides you with choice. There are a few ways you can make your bracelets adjustable and you, the reader should be presented with the full menu, not just a part. In this guide you will find four ways of making a bracelet with adjustable length.

Enough wordplay, let’s craft!

Classic paracord adjustable bracelet

adjustable paracord strap

This way of making bracelets is the most common and is achieved by using two pieces of paracord as the core of the bracelet instead of one. It is not made with a stopper not, nor a buckle, but two slip knots that allow the bracelet length to be adjusted to fit various wrist sizes.

See the tutorial below on how to make this kind of bracelet.

adjustable paracord bracelet instructions

Metal shackle


Click on the image to find some bracelet shackles.

Some adjustability can be achieved with the use of  metal shackles. These present an adjustable alternative to the buckle and are used exactly the same way. I very much like this option due to the fact that the shackles themselves look great and being made from metal adds to the theme as well as provides a durable way to close your bracelet with.

Cord lock

adjustable bracelet

An often overlooked supply, the cord lock is an interesting and very price effective way for making adjustable paracord bracelets.

A velcro bracelet clasp/strap


Click the image to find some velcro straps.

Velcro bracelet clasps or straps can be used to provide adjustability to bracelets. These are somewhat hard to find though.


There! I have shown you four ways you can make your paracord bracelets adjustable. I hope this was informative for you!

Also see the video tutorial:

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