celtic heart knot

How to tie a celtic heart knot

Valentine’s day is coming up, so let’s make some hearts!

Indeed, with the heart symbolism in Valentines day, it is hard to avoid making something heart shaped with paracord. I have made a paracord heart before and liked the result, but have never tied a celtic heart knot. Even though it is a common knot, I have never tied it for some peculiar reason. Well, being the romantic that I am, this one must be tied to rectify my past neglect :).

The only thing you will need to tie this knot is a piece of cord or rope and a fairly short amount of time. Tying the knot is easy, adjusting it to look like it should took the most time for me.

It can be done with one cord or you can double it up after tying or even just tie it with two cords at the same time.

Celtic heart knot tutorial

The short tutorial below will show you all you need to know to make this simple knot. What I would like to point out though is, that this knot is easier tied than it is adjusted to look right. As such, you will want to keep the spaces between the cords even, and aim for that heart shape when shaping the knot.

celtic heart knot tutorial

A quick video tutorial:

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