double lanyard knot

How to tie a double lanyard knot

Time to learn how to tie a double lanyard knot!

The double lanyard knot is a bit longer than the standard lanyard knot and is tied is a fairly similar way. The knot was shown by Manuel Zambrano, who made it quite popular.

Personally I find it to be quite decorative and I can see some really nice uses for it (lanyards, zipper pulls). It can serve as a stopper knot.

In the following segments you will learn everything you need to tie the knot.

The knot is tied using two cord ends, and if you go through the steps in the tutorial below, you will notice quite a few similarities with the regular lanyard knot.


Both types of lanyard knots. Now which one is the double one again?


To tie this knot you do not need anything other than:

The double lanyard knot tutorial

When I first started to tie this knot it was fairly intimidating since the knot has quite a few steps and just like with any knot, making a single mistake will mean that the knot will not look right. This knot in particular adds another dimension in that it requires proper tightening. I tied the knot quite a few times and re-did it because I thought I tied it wrong. But what turned out to be the problem is that you need to know how the knot looks in its final form, so you can shape it the way it should be. So after you are sure you tied it correctly, you will also need to tighten it properly.

how to tie a double lanyard knot

I also made video instructions, which can prove to be even better than the photo tutorial:

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