norton knot

Norton knot

The Norton knot is a beauty!

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how simple it is to tie a Norton knot.

My first encounter wit the knot was in the book by Tom Hall (Introduction to Turk’s head knots). I have soon found it to be tied very similarly to a common, type 1 pineapple knot. It has a similar tying process, although the resulting knot looks much more like a gaucho knot to me.

You can interweave a variety of knots into a Norton knot, getting the attractive effect.┬áThe most common interweave is the one onto a 4 bight turk’s head though, so I though I’d show you guys how to do it using a 5 part 4 bight turk’s head. Using the same principles you could interweave a longer knot which would make an awesome paracord bracelet (I’ll get to that soon :)).

For those more into turk’s head knots, the regular Norton knot is an interweave of a casa and a sobre-casa knot.

A great looking knot in my opinion.

A great looking knot in my opinion.


To tie this knot I recommend the following items:

  • 2 colors of paracord or rope
  • a lacing needle
  • a mandrel, I am using a PVC pipe or a piece of a broomstick handle
  • optionally a rubber band to hold your standing ends

The tutorial

I decided on a video tutorial since it allows me to explain the basic principles in tying the knot. Be sure to tie a base knot such as a 5L4B turk’s head knot before starting the tutorial!

Enjoy the following tutorial!



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