twisted paracord bracelet

Twisted paracord bracelet

This interesting design was inspired by traditional rope making.

One of the ways you can twist rope by hand is to use both ends, which you turn in the same direction (clockwise/counterclockwise). Using this technique, twisted rope is made. The effect is quite eye pleasing, although the original purpose for twisting rope was entirely practical, to increase its performance.

You would assume that the cord untwists easily, but this is not the case at all. The cords act against each other, providing a solid twist. Using this technique I made a simple, yet enjoyable bracelet that is quite thin which you may like.

A few images and the tutorial follow below, click on the images to enlarge them!



Let’s see how this was done!


To make the bracelet I used the following items:

  • a single piece of paracord. You could use two colors for a nice, two color spiral though
  • a rope thimble, to make the initial loop more stable
  • scissors
  • lighter.

The twisted paracord bracelet tutorial

The bracelet is made by folding a piece of cord in half. Both ends are then turned in the same direction, which will twist the cord. After a few twists, insert the rope thimble and make sure it is tightly positioned.

Once the braceletĀ is long enough I used an extended Matthew Walker knot to finish the ends. I left a short length of the cord under the knot so the bracelet is easier to put on.twisted paracord bracelet tutorial


A video tutorial is also available:

I hope you find this tutorial enjoyable, feel free to comment!


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. This is cool but I want to make one with two colors. Any suggestion how to finish the ends and make the loop especially?

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