sheet bend

How to tie a sheet bend

Time to uncover another practical/survival knot, this time the sheet bend. Actually, it is not a knot, but a bend (as the name implies). Still, it is an important bend to know.

Used by sailors for ages, the bend was and is used to join cords together. As such it rivals the double fisherman’s knot and the square knot. The benefit of the sheet bend is that it can join two cords of different sizes. It does so extremely fast and very efficiently. Quite surprising how such a little bend can do so much! Try it and see how strong it binds the cords together.

As a curiosity, it is the very first knot featured in the ABOK! Good for you sheet bend!

Practical uses

The following uses are recommended for the sheet bend:

  • joining cords of the same or different size
  • making nets

The main advantage of the bend is that it is easy to tie and untie.

Tutorial on the sheet bend

The bend is made by forming a bight with one cord. Pull the second cord through the bight, then behind the bight and finally back under the second cord. Tighten firmly and done!

sheet bend tutorial

A video tutorial on the bend:






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