8 strand diamond braid

8 strand diamond braid

In this tutorial I will show you how to braid an 8 strand diamond braid.

Braids like this one are ideal form making dog leashes. The 8 strand diamond braid is extremely easy and fast to do, mostly because it resembles the 4 strand version, but using 2 cords at the same time. This braid can also be used to plait over whips and handles. It is commonly used due to the diamond shape it produces.


The 8 strand diamond braid tutorial

The diamond braid made with 8 strands is braided by separating the cords in two pairs of four. At that point take your top two right cords, pass them through the back of the left cords and split them in half (going under two over two). Return to the bottom on the right.

Now do the same with the left cords. Take the top two, go behind the right cords, split them in half, then return back to the left to the bottom. Keep alternating right and left until desired length is achieved. It is also important to tighten up the braid consistently.

8 strand diamond braid tutorial

A video is going to be quite helpful here:

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