cats paw knot

How to tie a cat’s paw knot

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to tie a cat’s paw knot.A very creative paracord enthusiast┬áMihail Evstyushin reminded me about the cat’s paw knot. I have not made a tutorial on the knot and I think it deserves one. This is one of the ways you can use to tie the knot.

In functionality the knot is similar to the lark’s head knot, but a lot more secure. Naturally it would be used to attach cord or rope to objects such as snap hooks, buckles and the likes. It is quite a common fishing knot.

The knot can be tied in a single, double, triple or even larger versions, depending on the use you need the knot for. I show the single, double and triple varieties below.




The tutorial on the cat’s paw knot

The cat’s paw knot is tied quite similarly to its cousin, the lark’s head knot. We fold a piece of cord through the object we are attaching it to (in the images below, that is the snap hook). We then pull the ends through, then spread the ends apart. We then turn the item we are attaching the cord to into the knot, then tighten it. Cat’s paw is done. I think the images and video below will serve you well.

cat's paw knot tutorial

And the video on tying the knot:

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