plafond knot

How to tie a plafond knot

In this tutorial I will show you how to tie a plafond knot. The knot is a decorative one for sure and can be found under other names. Some call it a lanyard knot or Chinese lanyard knot, for indeed, it looks like a flat, laid out lanyard knot. It is listed in the ABOK under the number 807. The knot serves mostly as a knot for decorating your projects and fits very well onto lanyards and necklaces, where it can act in place of a pendant. Naturally you can use it to finish a two strand project as well.

The way the knot is ties if fairly peculiar. The technique is described and pictures below:

How to tie a plafond knot

The knot is tied using two cords. We start by making two half knots. We leave a bit of room and then make another two knots. We take the bottom and top knot and place them in the middle. We then pull the top bight through the bottom two half knots. We take the left cord and pull it through the top two knots. The right cord, we place under the middle cord (as pictured below) and then follow the left cord. I think this process is best shown than explained, so see the images below to see how to tie this knot. how to tie a plafond knot

If you prefer a video tutorial though, one is available:

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  1. I really enjoy ur teaching technique…glad u share this with us…keep up d good work…I also do this for d beauty of it n my 8 yr princess loves watching me as I teach her… thanks​ Markwell

  2. Your instructions are presented professionally and the results are nearly perfect.
    Thanks you.

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