oblong knot

How to make an oblong knot

The oblong knot is one attractive knot!

As far as knots go, the oblong knot does not seem that easy to make. But I was glad to find a decent tutorial on it and with a few added steps, this tutorial is just what is needed to easily make the knot. I think the oblong knot can become a valuable asset in your knot repertoire. It has some pretty obvious uses, such as zipper pulls and as a knot to finish projects with.

It is a nice decorative knot to know and I am very proud to be able to pass this knowledge to you, so you can make some amazing projects with it!

The knot itself is made out of a single piece of cord and by the way it is made, it resembles many Chinese knots.

In the tutorial below you will be able to make the knot in a step by step way. The red lines mark what has changed since the previous image so you can keep better track of it.

how to make an oblong knot

A video tutorial on the knot is also available:

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