Cross knot paracord zipper pull

One of my favorite zipper pull designs is the one featuring the cross knot. In this simple, detailed tutorial I will show you how to make a paracord zipper pull using the cross knot. It is a common and good looking way to replace a zipper or use it on top of one. I like to use these zipper pulls as decorative items, especially on my keychains (as seen on the image).

Many paracord crafters make zipper pulls in order to use up small ends of paracord left over from previous projects. It is a nice way to use up small bits and gives you a fun and more importantly, useful result!

For this little project you will need:


  • paracord
  • something to cut the cord with
  • a lighter

With those supplies at the ready, let’s learn how to make the zipper pull!

How to make a cross knot paracord zipper pull

The zipper pull is simply a sequence of two cross knots. With those two knots the zipper pull only needs to have its ends melted and you are all done!

The only problem people seem to have is transitioning from one cross knot to the other. The following tutorial will help you get past that easily.


See this video tutorial for more info:

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