splicing paracord

Splicing in more paracord when you run out

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to splice in more paracord.

Splicing has multiple meanings in braiding. In this article I am referring to splicing as the method we use to join two ends of paracord when you run out of cordage and you need more for your braiding. This method is therefore used when you have your working cord in the project and need to attach more cord.

For standard joining of paracord, see the tutorial on the Manny method. The technique shown below is a variation of the Manny method and was demonstrated by Bruce Grant in his book, Encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding as a means of joining cords when you need more length.

The tutorial

We will need a couple of supplies. A lacing needle and something we can use to pierce the cord (I use a sharp spike).

With those ready, we begin splicing the two cords together:


Attach a lacing needle to the cord that you want to lengthen (the one coming out of your project.)


Pierce the end of the cord you are using to lengthen the cord.


Feed the lacing needle through the pierced end.


One end is now attached. Now for the other one.


Pierce the cord we pulled through (the one coming out of our project).


Attach the lacing needle to the cord we are attaching.


Feed it through the pierced end.


Once through, pull on the cords.


Done! Cord lengthened.

A video tutorial on the process is also available here:

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